9M2/G4ZFE/P - AS-072 - CQ WW 2002


Picture: QTH

I have already described Pulau Pangkor and the QTH that I operated from - Teluk Dalam. My usual contest station in Kuala Lumpur was unavailable for CQ WW in 2002 so I had to find another QTH. The QTH on Pangkor Island has a great take off to the North (JA and W) and a good take off to the North West (EU).

The photo shows my YL (Nipa) outside the bungalow - Room 118 - that we stayed in. The bungalow is the nearest to the beach and has fewer neighbours for any TVI issues.

The photos shows the antenna that I used - Force 12 Sigma 5 vertical (20m to 10m including WARC). The ground was too hard for the base of the antenna so I used a wooden sign as a support. I unfourtunately had insufficient co-ax to place the antenna directly on the beach but the antenna was less than 10 metres from the sea.

The photo shows the excellent take off due North to W and JA. The site is also very quiet during the night when the resort workers are not whizzing around on motorbikes.

Picture: Antenna
Picture: G4ZFE operating

The photo shows the operating position. Propagation during the contest was very poor and only 162 QSOs were made in a Single band 15m Low Power entry. The average hourly QSO rate was less than 20 QSOs/hour! 15m closed to Europe by 00:00 local (14:00 UTC) and after that only African stations were heard. There were some excellent signals from the African DX-peditions but breaking through the Eu and NA pileups were difficult.


9M2/G4ZFE/P was QRV 23/11/02 and 24/11/02 (12 hours operating).

A total of 179 QSOs were made all on CW:

20m - 10 QSOs and 5 DXCC countries
15m - 162 QSOs and 52 DXCC countries
10m - 7 QSOs and 3 DXCC country

WWV numbers
23/11/2002 - SFI 149, Ap 22
24/11/2002 - SFI 148, Ap 19

QSL Information

The QSL manager is Richard Everitt 9M2/G4ZFE (e-mail: g4zfe @ g4zfe.com)
QSL cards can be requested via the following means:

QSL Card


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