SV9/G4ZFE - EU015 IOTA Contest 1998


Picture: Hani Kokkini Beach

The island of Crete, known in Greek as Kriti is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and is long and thin, measuring 250km (155 miles) in length. It varies in width from 14km (8 miles) to 61km (38 miles).

High temperatures and almost guaranteed summer sunshine are the characteristic features of the island's climate. Summer temperatures (30 degrees C plus) are often moderated by the strong north-westerly wind called the Meltemi which blows in July and August.

I stayed at the Pelamare Apartments which are run by Manos Nerabtzulis (SV9ANJ). Pelamare is a complex of 30 fully furnished apartments in an attractive garden set by the beach.

They are located 13 kilometers (8 miles) east of Iraklion in the village of Kokkini Hani. There are a wide variety of restaurants and supermarkets within walking distance of the complex and a good bus service connects the village with Iraklion and Malia.

Picture: Pelamare Apts

This was the view from my apartment. More pictures on the Apartments can be found at SV9ANJ's web site.

Alternatively contact Manos at

P.O. Box 1272,
71110 Iraklion,
Crete, Greece

Phone: +30-81-762000
Fax: +30-81-761382

Station Details

Picture: G4ZFE operating

The station consisted of an Icom IC-706 (PSU provided by SV9ANJ) and a 80-10m Windom antenna at about 10m with a good sea take-off. I used SDI to log the contest and my favourite CW paddle - a Schurr Profi.

The shack is a separate apartment but is not air-conditioned. Operating a 24 hour CW contest in 35 degrees celsius was hard work...

Picture: Windom antenna

In this view of the apartments the feedpoint of the Windom antenna can be seen on the roof in the left of the picture. There are also vertical antennas available for 2m and 6m.

Outside of the contest I operated CW on the WARC bands. I was amazed at the ease at which JAs could be worked on 17m and enjoyed the pileups. The strongest signals were from UA6 and OK but unfourtunately G stations were often weaker than the F/DL stations which meant that I did not work many (this was bad news in the IOTA contest).

Claimed Score

I operated as SV9/G4ZFE single operator, CW only, 24 Hours section in the 1998 IOTA contest. I made 1215 gross QSOs with a claimed score of 880500 points.

  BAND             80m     40m     20m     15m     10m     Total

  Valid QSOs SSB     0       0       0       0       0         0
  Valid QSOs CW      5     237     531     434       0      1207

  QSO Points        55    1685    3765    3300       0      8805

  Multipliers SSB    0       0       0       0       0         0
  Multipliers CW     3      28      32      37       0       100

This was my second entry in the IOTA contest and my first visit to Crete. Once again I found that 100W was not enough power to keep hold of my run frequency. I also found it very hard work breaking the pileups of other Island stations to gain multipliers.

I operated for about 21 hours as I was out clubbing in Malia until 7am of the day of the contest (!) which meant that I had to have some sleep on the Sunday morning. Still this was a holiday :-)

QSL Card

Picture: SV9/G4ZFE QSL

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