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These new M+1 callsigns

In June 1996 the Radio Society of Great Britain were allowed to offer special short callsigns for use in International contests by the RA (Radiocommunications Agency - a UK government department). However the callsigns were only allocated to club stations and were initally valid only for the rest of the year. There are 52 such callsigns:

The callsigns use the same prefixes as the UK. For example if M6A were to operate a contest in Guernsey the callsign would be MU6A. Not all of the callsigns have been requested (contesting in the UK is not as popular as in other parts of the world!)

In 1996 the club used M6A, in 1997 the callsign was M7A and from 1998 onwards M2A is being used.

The M-series callsigns have been causing some confusion in International contests, so to clarify:

Who are M2A/M6A/M7A

M2A is the De Montford University (Leicester) Amateur Radio Society. Our normal callsign is G3SDC.

Further details of the club can be found at G3SDC Radio Society pages maintained by G0TPH.

QSL Information

The QSL manager is Steve Lawrence, G4EOF.
QSL cards can be requested via the following means:

The M6A contest logs can also be searched on-line using the Java Log Search Applet.
This applet can also be used on your site to search your own logs.

Contests Entered by M6A and M7A

All contests have been entered from a field outside Kettering (Northamptonshire in the middle of England) using the Kettering club's tower and A4 beam. To date the callsign M6A has been used in three International contests:

M6A/M7A Photos

  1. 1996 CQ WW CW weather! (21Kb)
  2. Rich, G4ZFE operating the 1996 CQ WW CW station (14Kb)
  3. The M7A team after the 1997 IARU contest (11Kb)
  4. The main antenna used for the 1997 IARU contest (16Kb)
  5. Neil, G3RIR operating the 1997 IARU station (24Kb)
  6. Marios, 5B4WN/G0WWW on the tower during the 1997 IARU contest (24Kb)
  7. Marios, 5B4WN/G0WWW drinking alcho-pops and operating 1997 CQ WW CW (18Kb)
  8. Marios, 5B4WN/G0WWW "fixing" the noisy fan on the amplifier(14Kb)
  9. Peter, G4MJS running QSOs during 1997 CQ WW CW (19Kb)
  10. Rich, G4ZFE and Marios, 5B4WN discussing how to make a 402-CD balun (20Kb)
  11. Bob, G3ORY raising the tower (19Kb)

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