9M2/G4ZFE/P - AS-072 Pulau Pangkor


Picture: Map

Pulau Pangkor is 40 minutes by ferry from Lumut on the West coast of Malaysia and 40 minutes flight from Subang airport in Kuala Lumpur. The island is largely inhabited by fisherme living in scattered fishing settlements along the coast especially on the eastern side, facing the town of Lumut and Teluk Batik, and their catch comprises mainly cuttlefish and anchovy. The fishing gives the island a kampung ("village") feel although now the island now also has a number of resorts and hotels for tourists.

The island consists of a natural scenery of green hills and palm-friged beaches. It is small enough to walk around in a day.

I choose to stay at the Teluk Dalam resort on the north side of the island (see map and also Pangkor Resorts Web Page). The resort consists of chalets around a cove which has a good take off to the North. Keith, GM4YXI has operated from this resort and he recommended chalet 118 which was nearest to the beach. I reserved this chalet and found it to be ideal at the end of the row of chalets and nearest to the beach.

Picture: Teluk Dalam Resort

The ground was too hard for my vertical mounting post but a wooden directions post proved handy to support the vertical. The antenna was 10m from the sea and even with my headphones on I suffered from wave QRM during the night. The station comprised of a FT100 and Force 12 Sigma 5 vertical (9 feet tall). The resort was electrically quiet during the night although during the day small motorbikes are used by staff to get around the resort and these created QRM (both electrical and audible!).

Picture: Beach

Propagation during the weekend was not good (Ap of 11 to 21) and the bands only open to Europe after 00:00 local. The days were spent on the beaches (see photo) and the nights playing radio. In total 24 hours was spent on the air out of a total of 2 days on the island.


9M2/G4ZFE/P was QRV from 07:45 6/7/2002 until 23:15 8/7/2002 (24 hours operating).

A total of 1404 QSOs were made all on CW:

20m - 376 QSOs and 44 DXCC countries
17m - 322 QSOs and 43 DXCC countries
15m - 594 QSOs and 49 DXCC countries
12m - 111 QSOs and 21 DXCC countries
10m - 1 QSOs and 1 DXCC country

WWV numbers
6/7/2002 - SFI 139, Ap 15
7/7/2002 - SFI 134, Ap 21
8/7/2002 - SFI 137, Ap 11

QSL Information

The QSL manager is Richard Everitt 9M2/G4ZFE (e-mail: g4zfe @ g4zfe.com)
QSL cards can be requested via the following means:

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