Radio Shopping in Singapore

Picture: Sim Lim Tower

A business trip to Singapore gave me the opportuntity to check Amateur Radio prices in Singapore. I am looking for a new HF rig and a search on the Internet showed that there are three Amateur Radio dealers in Singapore in Sim Lim Towers (10 Jalan Besar) - Blazer Electronic Centre, Suneast Pte. Ltd and Tecomart. Sim Lim Tower is only a 15 minute taxi ride from Orchard Road.

The photo shows my YL outside Sim Lim Tower. After having located the building all three shops are situated on level B1 - Basement 1 - i.e. take the stairs (or lift) one level down from street level.

The photo shows Blazer Electronic Centre. The shop is located in the first basement level of Sim Lim Tower. A personal recommendation led me to visit this store first.

The shop is small but has a lot of stock. I had read a lot about Singapore Amateur Radio prices on the Internet but the prices were still eye-opening! A Yaesu FT1000MP Mark V was the equivalent of 1573 UK pounds when I visited (18/1/2003). This compares favourably to the 2300 UK pounds price. The US price (after voucher rebate - valid in the US only) was 1400 UK pounds.

I purchased my FT1000MP Mark V from Blazer in July 2003. In February 2004 I also bought an FT-817 for 310 UK pounds which compares well with the 525 pounds price in the UK!

Picture: Blazer
Picture: Suneast

The photo shows Sun East PTE Ltd. which is next door to Blazer on the same level. I did not have time to negotiate prices there. Also next door are Tecomart. Having three dealers next to one another makes haggling for the best deal easier!

Apart from Amateur Radio shops the basement level had a number of interesting component shops.

Across the road from Sim Lim Tower is Sim Lim Square (see photo). This is a more modern complex filled with Consumer Electronics and Computers on six floors. There are two Amateur Radio dealers there both on the third level - Multi Communication and STS Communications.

The consumer electronic prices were lower than in Kuala Lumpur but the haggling over prices makes purchasing more tiring for me. I left just buying a mouse for my laptop! Most computer accessory prices were marked (and also available on the Internet) and very good value.

Picture: Sim Lim Square

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